Pictures from The Skye is the Limit

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, Northshield Kingdom Chronicler, shares written and photographic memories of her recent trip to Barony of Castel Rouge for The Skye is the Limit.

Her Excellency writes:

There might be times when I'm driving the 800 miles from Jararvellir to Castel Rouge that I will either curse or make plans in my mind for a matter transmitter that will get me there before I've even left home. There really are. However, every time I am up there I feel like I have arrived home. I love that Barony as if it were my own and I love the people. I enjoy the event held near the small town of Gimli (not named after any dwarf) every September long weekend (to use the local venacular) when the Canadian Labour Day coincides with our Labour Day here in the States. For those that haven't made the trip to this fine event, you're missing a great way to see out the summer. It is unfortunate, though, that the event steward's order to the nature fates got mixed up somewhere along the line and instead of the much desired Northern Lights we got a storm of mosquitoes the like that I have not seen since Shattered Oak named one of their events with the ill-fated name of "Mosquito Coast".

However, we doused ourselves in modern chemicals and braved the world so that we could enjoy many things this past weekend. From the Friday night War Court (a dark ages court held well after dark around a bonfire) to more archery than most archers can shake an arrow at to the first Vicar's Cup (an A&S competition that showed off some incredible, creative work from the populace) to the last court of TE Hreodbeorht of Harhun-dell and Faerisa Gwynarden to the Investiture of HE Isobel atte Wode and the acknowledgement of HE James Erec of York as the new Baron & Baroness (HE Erec is on crusade and will return by 12th Night to claim his place on the High Seat of the Barony). It was a glorious weekend of fun, friends, and feasting. One of the joys of this event is the package deal. For less than the cost of one night in most motels, one can have a bed for the weeekend and four meals that included a marvelous feast on Saturday night.

Speaking of the feast, I tried an experiment this year. It not only was an interesting experiment but also a game of farspeaker. The Hall was a bit crowded and I was in the middle of one side of our table very close to another table and getting in and out usually disturbed a bunch of folks. So, I handed my camera to Johann at the next table and said "Take 5 pictures of your table and pass it on, asking them to do the same." By the time it made it back to me, I was told they were told "Take a picture from both ends of your table and pass it on." Gotta love it! I have created a specific sub-album just for those pictures.

My view of the weekend can be found on the Northshield Gallery. (Login required)

Also, I had the opportunity to add two more videos to my youtube channel, which now has a video of Master Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev singing a song written by Duke Conn MacNeil and Lord Armonn Bonaventa singing an original song he wrote for the war song competition at WW this year. I hope you will enjoy both as well as the other videos I've been lucky enough to capture.


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