Photo Request for the Estrella War XXVI Calendar

Lady Arianna Marie Della Luna, Estrella War XXVI Calendar Editor, is requesting photos from Estrella XXV to be included in the upcoming calendar 2010 edition of the calendar. Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2009.

Lady Arianna writes:

Good Gentles, It is that time of year again to for me to start collecting your memories of Estrella War XXV. I will again be putting together a calendar counting down from Feb 2010 to the next Estrella War Feb 2011. I would love to fill the pages with as many of your photographs from Estrella War XXV as possible.

I know many of you either purchased or have at least seen the Silver Anniversary Calendar that was sold at the last Estrella War that was a collection of Photographs from the last 24 Estrellas. This years calendar will be focused on Estrella War 25 events and activities so if you have any images from the last Estrella War that you would like to see in the next calendar please send them to me as soon as possible. Please keep in mind if there are identifiable people in the image we have to have signed release forms from the individuals before we can use the photo. We also need signed releases from the Photographer that took the image.

The deadline for submissions is *October 1st 2009*. You can either email your highest resolution images or contact me to make other arrangements. For the photo releases please see the Estrella War Web page. Please keep in mind these calendars will be sold and all proceeds go to the Estrella War Fund!

The editor Lady Arianna Marie della Luna they can be contacted at LadyAriannaMarieDellaLuna @ gmail . com (remove spaces)

Thank you,
Lady Arianna Marie Della Luna
EW XXVI Calendar Editor

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Thank you for creating this

Thank you for creating this calendar for the Kingdom of Atenveldt.


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