[OUT] Dragonsspine Baronial A&S and Bardic Competitions

Dragonsspine Baronial A&S and Bardic Competitions, September 26, 2009

Valley Christian Church
14555 Link Road
Fountain, CO 80817

For A&S Competitors:
Standard kingdom rules apply for documentation. If you are interested in competing for the title of Baronial A&S Champion, you will need 3 entries in at least 2 categories. Anyone is welcome to enter, however, the Champion must be a resident of the Barony.

For Brewing Competitors:
The Brewing Competition is His Excellency's Choice. Because the site is DRY, this competition will be held offsite after the lunch hour.

Please check in your entry at the main site in the morning and then listen for the announcement when it is time to leave. Maps will be available at the main site.

Pre-registration with Lord Conal of Stony Ford is most appreciated.