Atenveldt Crown Tourney captures local imagination

Roses were the theme of the day at the recent Atenveldt Crown Tournament as fighters from around the Kingdom met to determine the next Heirs to the Throne. Bill Hess of the Herald/Review visited the event in Fort Huachica, Arizona to learn what the SCA is all about. (photos)

In keeping with the War of the Roses theme, Her Majesty Elzbieta presented roses to combatants between bouts. Bill Hess writes:

To Queen Elzbieta, whose mundane name is Raylee May, belonged the honor of bestowing roses to different rapier fight winners to give their special lady — or gentleman — for some of the fighters were women. She and King Craven, aka William Fulton, watched the lists with her interest being the rapier duels and his the armored bouts, from whence his new royal man will be named and whose consort will be queen.