[WES] EverBeach War

It's not an Uprising. It's a Rising UP! The Oracles from the deep deserts of Fendrake Marsh have had a vision. "The West Kingdom will fall into the sea and be covered in the waters of the Great Western Oceans." Not ones to miss an opportunity to have fun, the populous of Fendrake Marsh invite you to come join us in competition, in the First EverBeach War, and get your share of future Beachfront Property!fight for? The masses of mercenaries that hope to carve out a new Kingdom of their own, or your rightful ruler, The King of the West?!

War points will be earned for various activities to include: Heavy Combat Scenarios, Weapon Style Champions, the side providing the most volunteers (ie. Marshall, Constable, Chiurgeon, etc.), the side with the most A&S displays (bring any project, completed or not, to show off your skills), and winners of Brewer's contests (categories to be for beers/ales, wine/mead, and cordials).

An awards ceremony will be held Saturday evening immediately following the feast. The feast on Saturday night is Stone Soup (potluck) with the BBQ meats provided. Cost is a side dish, salad or dessert to share.

Collegium: A Laurel's Madras will be held during the day on Saturday. Come and learn new skills such as Middle Eastern Garb, 3-stick weaving, jewelry-making and much more! Fees may be charged at the class for supplies. A schedule for classes will be available at the gate.

Dates: Friday – Sunday; 18-20 September, 2009 Time: The site opens on Friday, September 18 at 4:00 PM and closes on September 20, 2009 at 4 PM.

Site Information: Site fee is $12 for members, $15 for non, $8 for smalls under 12. Fort Churchill State Park, Boy Scout camp located at 10,000 Highway 95A Silver Springs, NV 89429.

Directions: From the West-Go East from Reno, Nv on I-80. Take the US-95-ALT South exit # 46, go into Fernley. Turn Right, at the light, on US-95 ALT south, towards Silver Springs. From the North or East-Take I -80 to Fernley, use exit #48. Turn left at roundabout into Fernley, at the light turn left onto US-95A, south to Silver Springs. Go thru Silver Springs, continuing south on 95A to Fort Churchill State Park. Pass the main park entrance on the right, cross the Carson River, and turn left into the Boy Scout Camp and follow the signs. SOME POTABLE WATER ON SITE, and no showers. Pets MUST be leashed.

Autocrat: Lars Golbjorn Lars_golbjorn@ yahoo.com or Seneschal: Mariella di Mariano seneschal@fendrakem arsh.org