Return of the Plague Doctor

Bring out your dead! These words will ring true once again in our current Middle Ages. The sights and sounds of the season will bring forth the return of The Plague Mask, October 29 through November 1 at Ft. Gaines in Dauphin Island, Alabama.

Beware and Prepare for the Festival of the Dead, Origins of Halloween at Gatalop XXVI.

Memories from the past evoke new traditions. The European Bubonic Plague took its toll in the mid 1300s. It is said that the Plague Doctor's spirit lives on and will be seen roaming the grounds, a looming figure with hooded robe and beaked mask. Fear him not, as he will be recreating his way through the event.

The draw bridge will open to the general populace. Within the fortress walls Lady Rozani will accompany her Festival of the Dead cart of masquerade items. Unlike the functional and dreary doctor's plague masks, her interpretations will be recreations. Paper maché beaked masks and others will be sold in abundance throughout the festivities in anticipation of Saturday evening's revel.

Know ye, good gentles, that fairies, fiends or foes need not be plagued by lack of costume. Visit early on Friday and Saturday for the best masquerade selection. See you there!