[OUT] Kingdom Warlord Tournamen

Let it be known that the tournament to determine the next Warlord of the Outlands will be held Sunday, September 13, 2009 at Cornerstone Park, starting at/around 10AM.

The format will be decided the day of, depending on attendees. It is likely to be a speed list, with the top finalists in a double elim/round robin short list. There will be no restrictions on weapons, any tournament legal weapon in the Outlands may be used (no ranged/projectiles, naturally, and you may change your weapons between rounds/fights).

For more information and directions, please see the Crown Tournament site.

Cornerstone Park is located at:
5150 S. Windermere Street
Littleton, CO 80120

The position of Warlord is a retinue position, which lasts for a year. You will be expected to be able to attend as many of the Wars that the Outlands is present at. Primarily Estrella War, but attendance at Lillies, Gulf Wars, and Pennsic are also favorable. You will be called upon to serve their majesties through two reigns, and to assist the War General as needed on the field at the wars mentioned above. This will all be stated before the tournament, and I would ask anyone who intends to compete for the position to be aware of what is expected of you over the following year.