"It's a Kilt, Not a Skirt, Dammit!"

Recently, Eurostat, an agency of the European Union, wanted a kilt manufacturer to classify their product under the heading of: women's skirts. A furor arose. In a letter to MedievalTrivia@yahoogroups.com, a list dedicated to discussing interesting facts and fallacies about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Lord Alastair posted a piece concerning the designation of kilts in the European Union.

The conflict occured when Eurostat was tracking the number of kilts sold for statistical purposes. Not having a column fitted for kilts, the manufacturing company was asked to style the male garment as women's skirts.

One of the first to challenge this designation was the actor Sean Connery who said, "If this is the case, I have been wearing a woman's skirt for more than 45 years now. It is certainly not women's wear."

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