[ATL] Barnacled Bullfrog

It has been a good season of fair trading (we can call it “trading”, yes?) and the time is right to celebrate our seafaring acumen as well as our health and wealth. Come and join other like-minded souls for a day of lusty pleasure; duelling, gambling, game playing, storytelling and enjoying the fruits of the brewer’s arts.

The day’s activities include rapier combat, a soft-weapon bar brawl (an award will be given to the soft-weapon most esteemed by the crowd. The only restriction is that it conform to SCA/Atlantian combat requirements for such), a darts tourney, a roundtable/seminar on judging brews, and a full day of such games as would entice the soul of a hearty sailor, privateer, or not-so-genteel lady. Coins will be given to each attendee to spend as they will—the person with the most “money” at the end of the event will be awarded a prize. All day meals are included in your event cost.

Pre-registered: anyone 5 or older: $ 16.00 / (adult non-member) $19.00
At the door: anyone 5 or older: $ 17.00 / (adult non-member) $20.00
Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc., Barony of Marinus

Cost Notes: The site fee includes all-day dining; there is no off-board. Please note that as is traditional at Bullfrog, there is no children’s discount. This is a tavern event and while you are more than welcome to bring your children, and we will have many games to delight the young as well as the adult, be aware that they will be exposed to behavior and language you’d expect at a tavern.

Site: The Planter’s Club, 4600 Planters’ Club Drive, Suffolk, VA 23435. The site opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m.

Site Restrictions: No pets. Site is wet. Smokers should avoid standing in front of the door or windows because the scent always finds its way inside. Somehow. And then everyone thinks the King’s Men are waiting in ambush outside and things become messy.

Reservations: Lady Elizabeth de Bardeleye E-mail: rebeccaleigh21@yahoo.com

Feast: Our head cook is Baroness Sarah Beth of Bellwood, who delights in preparing and serving hearty meals to tease and satisfy the palates of far-travelling souls. As common at this event, your meals and drinks will be served to you on demand by our beautiful wenches and the occasional handsome cabana boy. This is where some of those coins might come in handy! For dietary concerns or questions, please contact Baroness Sarah Beth at sassyredhead39@yahoo.com