[ATL] Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday

Come one and all and be welcome as the Barony of the Sacred Stone celebrates it's Baronial Birthday.

Axel and Jeanmaire, Baron and Baroness Sacred Stone, have decreed a day of merriment, tournaments, challenges, and displays. There shall be fighting throughout the day for both armored and fencing combatants. Lady Gertrude zu dem Wald will be setting up a challenging shoot for the Archers. Arts and Sciences competition will be held, and bardic circles will happen both Friday and Saturday eveningsLady Brianna O'Duinn will put forward a feast to delight the palate. Dayboard is included in the cost of the event.

Site: Camp Cherokee at King's Mountain State Park, 1277 Park RD Blacksburg,SC 29702. NOTE Camp Cherokee, NOT Camp York!

Driving Directions:
From I-85: Take your best route to I-85 exit 8 in North Carolina. If coming from the North, turn left (from the South, turn Right) onto Hwy 161. Go across NC/SC state line and park entrance will be on the right. Signs will be posted from I-85.