[EAL] A Volley of Arrows

Come ye fighters, fencers, singers, dancers and of course, archers, for a day of merriment, skills, sparring and feasting in the beautiful Caledon Hills. Enjoy the day surrounded by woods and sky and in the evening, celebrate the day's events with a hearty feast and voices raised in song around the bonfire. Merchants are welcome to market their wares. There will also be an A&S competition, so prepare!

Where: The Archers of Caledon, 15595 Shaws Creek Rd., Caledon, Ontario.
Fees: Adult members $11 (incl. tithe), Feast $14.

Lady Orlaith Fraiser
email volley-autocrat@vestyorvik.org

Find your best way to 401/exit Mississauga Road. Go north until you reach Old Base Line (approx. 25 km). Turn left (west) and continue to Shaws Creek Road (approx. 1 km). Turn right (north) and continue to the site, about 0.5 km on the right.