[ATL] Midnight at the Oasis

Sandy winds are blowing from the west, the palm trees are swaying, and the midday sun is beating down on our heads. The smell of falafel is wafting from the fires. That seems to be all they feed us, falafel day after day falafel, falafel, falafel ... sheeez.

Shayk Al-Hamidi bint Sakr and his followers are gathering forces to fight those evil, ugly, goat-smelling, infidels that just didn’t get the message last time. By the way Al was promoted for keeping the odiferous infidels away the Sultan's women. cool huh? Once again Al and his men are going to do battle with the infidels at the head of the Sultan’s army.

Somewhere in the dunes of the desert there is a bridge. Turn left at the oasis. You know the place, with the swaying palms. We can only hope there is water. Don't forget your galoshes you may get wet, especially if you are one of those evil, ugly, goat-smelling, infidels.

Ok, we will be fighting for the honor of our Sultan and his hareem. We will also be fighting for the honor of our village, the children and our camels ... oh yeah and our wives too.

Saddle your camel and don your finest Arabic garb, and join with the Canton of Nimenefeld in a day of fighting and dancing and drumming and eating and some other stuff.

Site Information: The Optimist Farm site is a wet site, with lots of tent camping available, and port-a-castles provided. Yes, we are going to have the Period camping site. Pets and camels (both kind) are welcome as long as they are on a leash and attended by a responsible person.

New Comers: We wanted to make sure everyone has heard. Our events have a reputation of being great to bring newcomers. We would like to encourage this point of view. We love newcomers. Jason Redbeard will be there to help new comers with their needs and questions.

Activities: There's going to be a whole bunch of fighting, just scads of fighters of every size and description. There will be an open display of Arabic A&S, with prizes for the Deputy Autocrat's Choice for best dressed Arab. There will be a story telling contest. We shall provide a feast of heroic proportions for your hungry fighter, followed by a Bardic Circle, dancing, drumming, and other festivities.

Merchants: Please come and display your wares. There is a lot of space under the shade of the trees. Please contact Chlodobert de Fromage to arrange for space.

Feasting: There will be a sumptuous feast prepared by Sayyid Gaelan mac Cuinnega'in. Feast is $8 per seat. Feast is limited to 110, so please reserve early!

Reservations: Please include legal name, SCA name, membership number and expiration date, and email address if email confirmation desired, along with your check payable to the SCA Inc, Canton of Nimenefeld.

Lovers Mail reservations to Sayyida Zita Dominguez Please use the attached form "Midnight at the Oasis 2009 registration form.doc" with your reservations. If you have any questions, you may contact her by email: bherman@wrightsbuilding.com.

All minors attending the event must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). For all of the specific rules about children and about youth activities go to the Children and Youths Actiivities Page. If you are bringing a child you want to look at that page.