[ATL] War of the Wings IV

Once again there is cause for the Baronies of Sacred Stone and Black Diamond to meet on the fields of Elchenburg Castle to seek resolution to conflict. With the help of their friends they will strive to settle their differences throug artistic, scientific, heraldic and martial competitions.

Beginning on Friday afternoon there will be tournaments, chess games, targets for arrow, axe and knife, stories and song, cavalry games, coursing of hounds and food. Concluding the day will be a Welcome Reception that is open to all, to enjoy food and drink and share music and laughter with friend and foe alike. On Saturday comes the main activities beginning with the Grand Heraldic Declaration Procession followed by full out melees and town battles for sword, spear, rapier, schlager, items of great beauty, drink of fine taste, classes, companionship, more stories and song and so much more.

Where: Elchenburg Castle, Canton of Crois Brigte, Barony of the Sacred Stone