Renea Bishop to bring hula to the SCA

In western Pennsylvania, Renea Bishop has finally found the passion of her life: bringing the hula alive for local residents. Joanne Braun of the Sewickley Herald has the story.

The former engineer and ceramic tile layer, Bishop now teaches the dance, along with others, at Sweetwater Center for the Arts. She also plans to research the hula and teach it to fellow members of the SCA.

A nutrition counselor and a senior fitness instructor, Bishop is also a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis. She counsels that dancing and proper nutrition can be a successful treatment for the disease.

Hula In the SCA?

Oh my! I knew this article was bad but did not think it would reach the eyes of fellow SCA friends. The article was a little mixed up in its facts. 15th century India dance is what I am passionate about teaching. I do love a good Hula and love teaching it as well. Is there really anyone in the SCA that would want to learn the Hawaiian culture and dance forms? I am sure the 260 reads of this article was to find out who would be crazy enough to teach Hula in the SCA well if you know me then you know if it is any form of dance or fitness I can and will teach it. Anyone that would like to contact me on this subject may do so at