BBC's "Tudors" historically inaccurate but addicting says historian

Historians seem to have a love/hate relationship with the Showtime series The Tudors, which has been recently sold to the BBC. Some say it "distorts history for dramatic effect" but has "undoubtedly stimulated interest in British history."

The show, starring Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyer as Henry VIII, was discussed recently by British historian Tracy Borman, the head of interpretation for Historic Royal Palaces, in an article for the Telegraph. "I was determined to loathe the series, with its unfeasibly beautiful actors, dodgy costumes and improbable storylines, but found myself becoming strangely addicted," she said.

"I grew to appreciate The Tudors for its merits as a historical drama. Yes, the scriptwriters may have taken liberties with the facts, but they have also succeeded in re-creating the drama and atmosphere of Henry VIII's court, with its intrigues, scandals and betrayals."