Katherine d'Aquitane Elevated at Pennsic

At the final West Kingdom Court at Pennsic War, their Majesties of the West, Alden and Constantina, offered and elevated Katherine d'Aquitane to the order of the Pelican.

Mistress Katherine is currently the Palatine Baroness of the Palatine Barony of the Far West, the Barony that covers the whole of Asia, and selects its Palatine Baronage twice annually through either a heavy combat tournament or an A&S competition. The new Mistress has been Palatine Baroness many times in recent years, serving as the representative of the Crown of the West.


Well. Currently living in the West Kingdom it seems I should have known when Coronation was. And being an English teacher it seems I should not have made a punctuation mistake. Sorry on both accounts, I was somewhat hurried when I wrote the post.

No problem :-)

My good lady, if I were without punctuation sin, only then could I cast the first stone at you. The error was simply a misplaced comma -- hardly a catastrophe!

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It was actually Their

It was actually Their Majesties Alden and Constantina that elevated Katherine d'Aquitane at Pennsic. HRM Titus and Eilis' coronation happened after Pennsic.

Article corrected

I've made this correction in the article, and also corrected a punctuation error that slipped through my fingers before (arrrgh!). Thanks for letting us know, and we apologize for the error.