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Dame Katharine of Cate Hall has released more important news from the upcoming Estrella War XXVI.

Dame Katharine writes:

#1 How to save $20.00 by pre-registering for Estrella War
#2 Pictures of Estrella War XXV are requested for publication in the Estrella War Calendar.
#3 Arts & Scientists Competition Categories
#4 Estrella War Arts & Sceinces Collegium Needs Teachers - and Students, Too!
#5 Become a fan of Estrella War on Facebook

# 1 To Pre-Reg or Not to Pre-Reg, that is question!
Here are some things you may need to know about Pre-registering for Estrella War XXVI (February 2010) If you plan on arriving at Estrella War on Monday (02/08/2010) through Thursday (02/11/2010), you can save $20 on the adult site fee if you pre-register. If you want to arrive Monday, February 8th, you MUST pre-register.

You can pre-register by check by downloading the form or You can pre-register with a credit card via ACCEPS

Not certain you can attend and don’t want to be stuck with a paid site fee? Sell it to someone else! You can transfer a Pre-Registration to someone else by writing “I hereby transfer this pre-registration to (Modern Name of person transferring to)” on your Pre-registration confirmation letter or email and signing your modern name. The person who gets a transferred Pre-Reg must then present it along with all other items required for Pre-registration check-in items (Photo ID, proof of membership, completed forms for minors, etc.). There will be no partial refunds for transferred Pre-registrations. If the “transferee” isn’t a member, he/she just pays the Non-Member surcharge when checking in.

You can even transfer a Youth pre-registration to an adult. The adult just pays the adult Pre-Registration site fee for the day of arrival minus the $20 pre-registration when they arrive at Troll. Thus, Tuesday arrival means $65 minus $20 transferred pre-registration, so pay $45 at the door (plus additional $10 NMS if not a paid member).

What if you know YOU are coming, but pre-registering your gaggle of teenagers and pre-teens is just not possible this far out? Unless you are arriving Monday, you can just pre-register the adults and pay for the younger members of the family at the door. Youth site fees are the same whether pre-registered or at the door - just $20 for youth 9 to 17. Children 8 years old or younger at time of arrival are free!

If you pre-register, you help insure that your Shire or Barony or Principality or Kingdom has enough land set aside for everyone. Space planning is much easier when we have an idea of how many people are planning to attend.

#2 Pictures of Estrella War XXV are requested for publication in the Estrella War Calendar.
Lady Arianna Maria della Luna asks anyone who has pictures taken at Estrella War XXV (Feb. 2009) and is willing to share them for use in the Estrella War 2010 Calendar, to send them to her along with a photographer’s permission form and a Photo Release Form if a recognizable person is in the picture. Proceeds from the sale of the Calendar go to the Estrella War Fund. The pemission slips and contact information are on the Estrella War home page

#3 Artisans are you ready???
Artisans are you coming to Estrella War XXVI in February 2010? Then please think about entering one or all the Estrella War Arts & Sciences Competition.

Casting: Badges - includes metal “badges” (i.e., cast-metal ornamental pieces designed to be either pinned or sewn to hats, clothing, etc.) cast in styles modeled after those created prior to 1600 AD.

Group Vocal Music Performance - includes any vocal music from prior to 1600 AD performed by more than one vocalist (i.e., a “group” performance). Performances will be limited to ten (10) minutes performing time from the beginning of the performance. Copies of the music (score) must be provided as part of the entrants' documentation

Maiolica - includes any maiolica piece modeled after those produced in Europe prior to 1600 AD. A single piece, or an integral set of pieces (e.g., a group of glazed tiles forming a single picture) will be accepted as a single entry. Judging will focus more heavily on the glazing and decorative aspects of the work than on the manufacture of the base pottery. Use of any hazardous and/or toxic materials must be detailed within the documentation, and use of such materials in a manner that may expose judges and audience to potential harm is forbidden.

The rules used to judge the above categories in the Estrella War XXVI Arts & Sciences Competition will be available when the Estrella War XXVI Treaty is published in November. Watch for it! More information is available on the website. Click on “Activites” and choose “Arts & Sciences”

#4 A&S Collegium teacher sign-up open!
There is much to learn from the great artisans of the SCA. Come share in this knowledge at the Estrella War 26 Arts and Sciences Collegium. Leatherworking, scribal arts, metal arts, juggling, costuming, embroidery and other decorative arts, dancing, lacemaking, food preparation, heraldry, weaving, fabric dying, historical lectures, all are welcome! If you do an art in the SCA others will want to learn it too. Teachers, please register your classes online or contact the A&S Coordinator at

#5 Do you have a Facebook page?
Consider becoming a fan of Estrella War. Just do a search on Facebook and you will find us!

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