[ATL] Fall Southern Cavalry Practice

We are celebrating 5 years of open barns and practices! If you are interested in learning more about the horse activities in the southern part of our fair Kingdom then here is your chance. We will have a relaxing and safe environment for those wanting to experience the wonderful world of horses in the SCA. Activities will be geared towards all levels so everyone can participate! Equine Liability Class, rider and grounds crew authorizations will be available.

Sept. 12, 2009-Saturday 10am-4pm- Workshop Day- discussing mounted combat melees, crest melees and advanced drill work
Sept.13, 2009 Sunday 1-5pm- Official Practice Time- liability class and authorizations will be done at this time

Location: 5001 Fontanelle Lane, Effingham, SC (about 10 miles outside of Florence)

MIC: Lady Eleanor de Montfort joesemi@bellsouth.net

Activities will include but not limited to: learning gaming challenges, working with gaming equipment (sword, spears, lances, etc.), crest combat, crest melee, drill work, beginning mounted combat and tilt barrier work (jousting) and of course everybody's favorite>how to ride, hold a banner and wave. We will have several horses available for use during practice for no charge. Crash space is available for those wanting to participate both days. Please RSVP.