[WES] Lady Hawkin's Day

Celebrate a day of courtly love, romance and chivalry with unusual tourneys for both heavy (armored) and rapier, games, competitions, and the more genteel arts like hand kissing and dancing. So hang your heart on your sleeve (literally) and come have fun. The Populous will bid on the heavy fighters to represent them in the List. Bidders to have a favor (competition) to give to the combatant they win.

Heavy competition is most chivalrous (popular vote). Rapier competition will be for the sharpest wit (popular vote). Arts & Sciences and bardic competitions will be in any mode with love and/or nature as the theme. Other competitions to include best use of hearts, hand kissing and dance. The Cooking competition will be best "love" dish (can be just the title of the dish). There will also be childrens activities and some other surprises all in keeping with the theme to delight and challenge one and all.

There will be a potluck feast with the meat dish furnished. Please bring a dish to share according to the first letter of your modem last name. A- E: Desserts; G – L: Sides; M – R: rice/pasta/starches; S – Z: breads spreads and cheeses.

Site: Jewel Lake Parish 3833 Strawberry. Anchorage. Site opens 10 am, closes: 9 pm. Site fee: Adult SS/ Children 12 to 4 - $2 /Children under 3 free. Please make checks payable to "SCA, inc-Barony of Eskalya".


Autocrat: Elspeth Bouchannane endenwild@acsalaska.net