Hounds Run at Stierbach Holiday Faire

Failenn MacFergus of Sligo reports that the hounds will be running at Stierbach's Holiday Faire November 22, 2003 in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Failenn MacFergus writes:

Good gentles

Hear the cry of the hunting horn sound. The crisp fall weather encourages one last hunt before we curl up before the winter fires. A large pack of our noble greyhounds and their smaller cousins the whippets will be demonstrating the fine medieval art of lure coursing at Stierbach's Holiday Faire on Nov 22 in Manassas, VA.

Come and see the sleek beauty of this ancient breed of dogs perform as they have been bred to do for millennium with a spectacular show of power and breathtaking speed. Although our medieval counterparts coursed their dogs after live hares to determine who had the best hunting dogs, we will course with artificial lures.

We will have several demonstrations throughout the day in order to (hopefully) allow everyone to come by to get their socks knocked off. If you would like to assist with holding hounds, slipping hounds or catching them as they gleefully attack the lure at the end of the run, we would welcome the extra hands - these normally sedate mellow dogs get very excited when they hear the lure running. I would also like to let everyone know that the hunt mistress and lure operator for this event are coming all the way down from PA to assist us in expanding the fine art of hound coursing in northern Atlantia.

Given all the discussion lately about making our events more medieval, this fits right in with the type of activity that would have happened in period. Greyhounds, the perfect period accessory!

Thank you for supporting the hounds
Failenn MacFergus of Sligo