[OUT] Warders of the Western Gate

For many years now, the Western Border of our magnificent Kingdom, which is watched over by the mighty Barony of Fontaine dans Sable, has been kept safe. This is largely due to the great efforts and strength of the Warders of the Western Gate, the Champions of Their Excellencies of Fontaine dans Sable.

The Warders that even now protect these borders grow weary (though they are far too full of Baronial Pride to ever admit such a thing). They were appointed during the time of Baron Qara Gan and Baroness Ceara and it is now time for their heirs, Their Excellencies Angus and Elizabeth to choose new Champions and ensure the safety of the Barony, as well as the Kingdom at large.

In Order to find these new Champions, Their Excellencies have seen fit to hold a series of grand tournaments!!! They are in search for a new Sable Warder (Armored Combatant), Azure Warder (Rapier Fighter), Argent Warder (Archer), and of course a new Vert Warder (Arts and Sciences) to remind the other Warders of the beauty that they fight for.

In addition to these fine tournaments, there are many activities for the whole family to enjoy! There will be Children’s Activities, a Brewer’s Social, a Bardic, a Quest, and more!!! The event will be held at the Colvig Silver Camp in Colorado. So come! And join us once again, in the Oasis that IS Fontaine dans Sable and see if you have what it takes to become one of the next WARDERS OF THE WESTERN GATE!!!!!!!!

Site Opens: Noon September 4
Site Closes: 2:00 PM September 7th

Site Fees: $15.00/Adult, $7.00/child ($44 Family cap) $3.00 non-member surcharge

This will also be the Site of our Investiture for the incoming Baron and Baroness of Fontaine Dans Sable!

Location: Colvig Silver Camp
9665 C.R. 240.
Durango, Co 81301

Lord Dogan An Potaire

The Honorable Lady Natasha Mechislavova