[ART] Harvest War XX

Beautiful summer is now with us, but we fear that winter will come all too swiftly and force us indoors. In preparation, the Northern Grain Alliance is quickly bringing in the sheaves and preparing for a Harvest Festival. But there are rumors of an impending raid upon our store of precious grain and zucchini! (gasp!) Come help us defend the fruits of our labors and rejoice in the stored harvest!

So make hay while the sun shines, and mark your calendars for the third weekend in September to participate in this wonderful event. To mark the milestone of our 20th consecutive Harvest War, we have a full schedule of events, competitions, fighting, bardics, etc. planned. We have moved back to our beautiful site in Mantua and back to the third weekend in September for a weekend of traditions fighting, fun, fighting, singing, fighting, arts and sciences classes and displays, fighting, a Saturday Night Hafla, Fighting, wench races, and a little bit of fighting.

By popular demand, the Harvest War Fighter's Breakfast will once again be prepared on Saturday morning. It will be an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Cost is 4 dollars for adults and 2 dollars for kids age 5 to 12. Children under 5 eat free.

Merchants are welcomed and adored. If you are interested in being a merchant, please go to the Merchant page.

For questions on Harvest War, please check the individual menu to the right or contact Lady Flora of Heronton, Event Steward, at lady_flora@msn.com