[DRA] Civil War XIX

Come once more to The House of Stories for fighting, arts and sciences and good food. And let’s see if we can settle the question of ownership once and for all!

Location: Sägnernas Hus, in Sandhem outside Mullsjö (same as last year)

Time: the site opens at 16.00 on Friday and closes at 12.00 on Sunday.

Sitefee: SCA members 250 SEK, others 290 SEK. Children between 6 to 14 years old pay half price. Children of all ages must be registered.

The sitefee includes a light meal Friday evening, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and lunch on Saturday as well as crash space on floor.

Feast: 90 SEK. Fighting/archery: 15 SEK
Day visitors: Entrance and lunch 100 SEK

On Friday there will be a light meal and an open barbeque between 18.30-22. In Sandhem 2 km away there is a pizza place. Make your registration at http://juneborg.nordmark.org where you will get a registration number. (Remember to bring your registration number and proof of membership to the Troll.)

If you want to hold a lecture or a workshop, or maybe sell things at the market, please contact the event steward. Pay the right amount of money in time! We need your payment before 10 September. Foreign guests may pay at the door. If your payment is late you will probably lose our reservation for feast and have to pay late fee of 100 SEK. Paying at the door adds 50 SEK extra, (with the exception of foreign guests who have reserved beforehand). If you wish to cancel your registration, cancel it before 10 September to get your fee back. Payment to bank giro number 5629-2980 (Föreningen Inbördeskriget). Note your registration number on the form. Please contact the registration officer if you encounter any problems

Everyone visiting the event will become members of the Civil War Association. This is only a formality and does not include any obligations. If you don’t want to become a member, please state so when making your reservation. If you need a lift to/from the site, please contact the event steward in beforehand. If you have special food requirements please contact the Head cook before 10 September to give us the chance to meet those requirements,.

Event Steward
Lady Astrid Johnsdotter Torp

Registrations officer
Count Padraig Gliadrach O´Ceallaigh

Head cook
Lady Bothild Larisdotter Välling

Please note! For the feast the Princess of Nordmark wishes a Masquerade! Bring your most beautiful costume and mask to surprise, impress and amuse our Princess! There will be a price for the three best costumes. If you don't have time, there will be material to make masques on site.

We regret that Civil War is not a children-friendly event. Children are of course welcome, but since there are no secluded sleeping areas, please consider other arrangements for your children.

It's easy to catch a cold or flu during an event. Remember to sneeze into the bend of your arm, wash your hands often and do not share mugs or cups with others. Fighters, bring your own waterbottles to the war. There will be water carriers available.

There are no showers on site, but showers will be available in Sandhem, and transportation will be arranged.

Drinking water and a microwave oven will be available outside the kitchen. Please try not to disturb the kitchen staff.
Please use hot water with moderation - it will be needed for washing up after feast! We appreciate if you drink moderately.
Please avoid bringing pets to the site.

Arts and science:
There will be an Arts & Science exhibition, with a small contest.
"Medeltidsmode" (website in Swedish only) will be on site, selling fabrics, jewelry and sewing materials.

Contact the event steward if you wish to hold a class or workshop, or if you want to set up a market stand.

Sleeping on the site:
There are two sleeping options: Calm and Party crashspace.
Please note that there are no beds on the site. However there is room for camping beds and air beds. Please consider that we need room for a lot of people - don't bring oversized beds or matresses.

Calm crashspace: Concrete floor on the ground floor. Remember to bring a blanket or similar to put under your air bed, since the floor is cold.

Party-crashspace: Wooden floor by the feast hall on the upper floor. There is no wall between the crash space and the feast hall. We hope to be able to move the last party to an adjacent room to make sleeeping easier late at night.

All meals will be taken by the fire place on the upper floor. A lighter meal will be served on Friday night. There will also be a barbecue available from 18.30 to 22.00 if you want to prepare your own food, and there is a pizza-place in Sandhem. Off-board tables will be available for feast. Please tell the Troll if you want off-board seating. At the end of the war, meat sandwiches will be for sale near the fighting grounds.

Directions to site:
From Jönköping: Take road 40 towards Gothenburg. Turn to road 195 (Hjo)/road 26 (Mullsjö). Turn to road 26 towards Mullsjö (Falköping, Skövde). Continue towards Falköping (Skövde) after leaving Mullsjö. Turn left to Sandhem after ca 10 km (there are several exits). In Sandhem, follow signs to Sägnernas Hus (the site) ca 3 km. There will be SCA-signs in Sandhem.

From Gothenburg:
Take road 40 towards Jönköping. In Bottnaryd take left to road 185 towards Mullsjö (Falköping, Skövde) Continue towards Falköping (Skövde) after leaving Mullsjö. Turn left to Sandhem after ca 10 km (there are several exits). In Sandhem, follow signs to Sägnernas Hus (the site) ca 3 km. There will be SCA-signs in Sandhem.

From Skövde:
Take road 26 towards Mullsjö. Pass the exit to Falköping (road 47). Turn right to Sandhem (there are several exits). In Sandhem, follow signs to Sägnernas Hus (the site) ca 3 km. There will be SCA-signs in Sandhem.