[AET] Agincourt

Attend one and all, within the fields of the Debatable Lands, The Feast of Saint Crispin will be upon us and a noble fight will be at hand.

A day of Archery, Fighting, Fencing and Feasting for all to enjoy. A true celebration of the honour and chivalry of our society. This event will take place on October the 24th, a.s. 44 at the McCandless-Branstetter Castle in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands.

A magnificent feast is being prepared for one and all by Lady Odriana vander Brugghe and a lovely lunch by Lady Elss of Augsburg. For dietary restrictions contact Lady Odriana (Odriana(at)Gmail.com)

Reservations should be received by Saturday, October 17.

Site Fees including lunch are as follows: Adults $8.00, Children (6-12) $4.00. 5 and Under, Free. Feast will be limited to 60 people for a fee of $7.00.

Take your best route to I-79 north of the northern terminus of I-279 (mile marker 71) Exit I-79 at Exit 73 / Wexford / PA-910 At the end of the exit ramp, head east on PA-910 (turn right if coming from the south, turn left if coming from the north) The first intersection *past* the light at Brandt School Road is Mingo Road; turn left onto Mingo Stay on Mingo Road for 1.1 miles, passing underneath I-79 Stonegate Drive is the turn on the left, just passed the left for the State Game Lands; turn left onto Stonegate