[MER] Market Day at the Crossroads - CANCELLED

Come to Arenal for A market day at the Crossroads, where a gathering of Bards, Minstrels and Performers will gather along with merchants and travelers of all sorts.

Located at 0 Osprey Lane, Robertsdale, AL, 36567

This will be an event focused predominantly on the Bardic Arts , but will also offer other classes and pursuits. While not strictly a fighting event, there will be ample ground for those doughty warriors so inclined to display their prowess. Battle before the bards and see what songs may come ones way! But what's a bard without an audience? Come one, come all – for where you have bards you have songs, dance and revelry! Come, enjoy the show!

Bards from all kingdoms and especially Meridies are invited to come show off their talents, compete with one another and before audiences, a display of showmanship and skill unequalled in a twenty-mile radius.

Bardic Competitions will include best Performance, Best Period, The Gauntlet of the Hungry Heckler and our premier competition, The Command Performance to be awarded Bard of the Marketplace. Classes will include studies of dance, music, song and telling as well as technique. Each evening will feature drum circles, Bardic Circles, players and wandering performances. There will be a circle set aside for Bardic Jam, and a circle for tellers as well. Come, join the revels, be it as a bard or reveler!

This is a camping event, but there's plenty of room on good ground. Open controlled campfires are permitted and the sight is gloriously wet! The Feastcrat will be offering a game feast, featuring birds, fish and venison. Come hungry! Feast will be capped at 125, and an open grill will be provided.

Site opens at 4:00 PM Friday, and closes at 12 noon Sunday

Prices and Fees: Adults- $ 15.00 ( non -members add 3.00) Children 1/2 off, under 6 free.

Make checks payable to SCA Inc./Shire of Arenal

Fred Wolfe: rads_nexus@yahoo.com
Bryan Gibson / Bran Buchanan: at sabakakrazny@hotmail.com
Seneschal: Domingus/Bill Brown: at oldstickbow@yahoo.com

DIRECTIONS: Get on I-10 West, go to Wilcox Exit in Alabama, exit right, go 2 1/2 miles and Osprey Lane is on the left, take a left on Osprey, go to the 2nd dirt road on the right, take right and you are there....