[LOC] Border War XII

This year Border War is being held in the North Ward of the Shire of Bordescros, in the heartland of Loch Alba.

As usual ...
Border War will be held from Friday night to Sunday lunch...
Border War will have lots of early and late fighting ... no fighting in the heat of the day
A&S classes, especially in the heat of the day
Games & Kiddies Activities
Unfortunately there will be no Pool this year.
This year, there is a great fighting area... with a moat and bailey for some interesting war scenarios... a woods battle in scattered scrub... and the usual field battle scenarios
Rumour hath it, there will be a theatrical component to the feast...

Vikings, Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Persians, Pirates and all Peoples of the Known World from around Lochac join us and rejoice in all things Viking. We have good food, good fighting and much merriment to be had.

Oura Rd (strangely, on the map it is GUNDAGAI ROAD)
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Approximately 10 minutes from Wagga Wagga, NSW

The site is Large and we will have the place to ourselves, also it is very kid friendly. The dorm and camping accommodation is very close to all amenities and the main halls. The dorms are not air conditioned but the main halls are.

We hope that this Border War will be something very special and that all who attend will have a fun and a memorable time. The winery is within walking distance and if you got there early enough on the friday you would have plenty of time to wonder up and sample their product. From what I have heard there are several wineries in the area close to the site, but these might require a vehicle to get to.

If you note below that at 10pm it says Curfew, this doesn't mean you have to go to bed but it does mean that if you want to continue on then you must go to the Mead Hall/Black Dog Tavern and keep the noise to a reasonable level, allowing those who wish to sleep to do so. As you will see in the photos, the Mead Hall is the furtherest section of the buildings from the Dorm and Camping Area.

The Dorm accommodation will sleep 4 to 8 in a room, depending on the dorm. All beds are bunks and all large single bed style (sorry no doubles, but it is a Scout camp and there is not a lot of need for doubles). I would suggest if you are a larger person, like myself, that you request the bottom bunk and if you have smaller children you may be able to have them share a bed and this will cut down the cost to you, but please contact me if this applies and we will work something out. I can be contacted at rsteff1960@gmail.com .

You must bring your own bedding, the bunks are just a mattress, no pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, etc

This year we have a nice big camping area that has it's own toilet block near by. You must bring your own camping gear. And lets all hope there is green grass this year. I can be contacted at rsteff1960@gmail.com .

Autocrat - Steward
Arnora BloodAxe