AEthelmearc Royals create four new Peers at Pennsic XXXVIII

Brandubh O'Donnghaile, Silver Buccle Herald, with the assistance of THLord Pearce Redsmythe and Lady Sophie Davenport, report that Their Majesties Maynard and Liadain, King and Queen of Aethelmearc, turned Their hands to the creation of several new Peers at the recent Pennsic War XXXVIII.

  • On August 1, 2009, Their Majesties placed THLord John Michael Thorpe on vigil in contemplation of elevation to the Order of the Laurel. John was elevated to the Laurel at Court on August 4.

  • On August 2, Their Majesties placed THLord Thormgrim Skullsplitter and THLord Olafr Thorvardarson on vigil to contemplate Knighthood. Thormgrim was knighted August 4 on the battlefield. Olafr was knighted during Court on August 4.

  • On August 3, Their Majesties placed Don Donnan the Solitary on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican. Don Donnan was elevated at Court August 4.

Congratulations to all!