[EAL] Icelandic Althing

The year is 1009, and from all quarters the people of Iceland are gathering to have disputes heard in the law courts and to heed the wisdom of the Lawspeaker. Artisans will sell their wares, warriors will train with sword, axe, and bow, and chieftains will extend their hospitality to their people.

This is a theme event where we will be attempting to recreate a specific culture, place, and time--in this case, early 11th century Iceland. Those attending the event are encouraged to dress in Norse or contemporary clothing, and to choose and use a Norse name for the day (if you do not already have your own). Our event was inspired by the first Icelandic Althing event presented by Eoforwic in 1992. Since that time, Norse culture has grown and spread throughout Ealdormere, and many new resources have become available to help attendees prepare for the event.

3421 Concession Road #5
Orono, ON L0B 1M0

Site: $15 (includes Kingdom Event Tithe) + $3 NMS where applicable; children under 12 - $10, children under 5 - free

Light dinner (beef or vegetable stew and bread) - $7

Troll will open at 9am on Saturday

Please make all cheques payable to SCA-Eoforwic

Camping is available starting the evening of September 25 through Sunday morning, September 27 at no additional charge. Arrangements can be made to drop off tents and equipment in advance; please contact the autocrats for more information.

Please note that the site is primitive. No lunch will be served. Site is privately owned and wet; no liquor sales onsite. Water will be available on a limited basis; bring your own if possible. Firepits are allowed for those who wish to cook onsite; please bring your own firewood (several stores along Hwy 35/115 sell it). If you use a firepit, please bring a water bucket or fire extinguisher. Garbage bags will be provided at Troll. Since the site is a private residence, garbage facilities are limited. If at all possible, please collect and remove your own garbage when leaving the site.

Various necessities (food store, liquor store, ATM machine, some small restaurants etc.) are available a short distance from site in the town of Orono (northeast of site). Fast food restaurants (Subway, McDonalds) and gas are available along Hwy. 35/115.

If you do not wish to camp, there is a small motel (Twin Oaks Motel) at the Concession #4 exit and another small motel (Bon Voyage) slightly farther north. There is a Howard Johnson Inn along the 401 at exit 432. Several large chain motels (e.g. Best Western, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn, etc.) may be found close to the 401 in Oshawa. The autocrats have not stayed in any of these establishments and cannot vouch for their quality.

Armoured combat
A variety of tournament will be held, many with a Norse theme. These will include: a Bridge Battle, a Boat Battle (Bridge Battle variant) and a Sword and Shield only Holmgang Bear Pit Tournament. Marshal in Charge: Lord Thorolfr and Lord Alfrikr

General Archery, a Loot shot novelty shoot and if enough are interested, a Royal Round or IKAC. Marshal in Charge: Baroness Nicolaa

Thrown weapons
General Thrown Weapons and novelty throws at various targets including Gnomes and Braids. Marshal in Charge: Lord Grom

Arts and Sciences Classes
A number of classes are planned. They include Norse Garb Costuming (Lady Alof), Runes (Lady Lyda) and Handsewing Garb (Countess Rylyn). Contact Lady Alof (Jen Russell), intergalacticspacebunnie@yahoo.ca if you have any questions or if you wish to teach a class.

Living history displays and activities by DARC (Dark Ages Recreation Company)
DARC will be recreating a merchants' row with displays of many activities (with many items for sale). A tenitive list of the activities are as follow: Blacksmithing, Bead Making, Cooking, Fibre Arts and Dying, Coin Minting and Striking, Bone Carving, Stone Carving, Shoemaking, Brass Casting, Pewter Casting (list is subject to change). See the DARC Website

Living history displays and activities by Regia Anglorum
Regia Anglorum will be hosting a number of hands-on demonstrations of Norse-era crafts. A tenitive list of the activities are as follow: Warp Weighted Loom, Fibre Arts and Dying, Pole Lathe, Naalbinding, Flint and Steel Firestarting, Handsewing Garb, Pottery plus displays of Arms and Armour by the Torvig living history group (list is subject to change). See the Regia Anglorum Website

Law cases
There will be an opportunity for anyone to present a law case before our Lawspeaker (Master Hector). Juries will be selected to decide the cases later in the day. Come accuse your neighbour for fun and profit, but beware the consequences of law! Two law cases are already planned, which could result in monetary fines, exile, or even bloodshed...

Merchants selling period-appropriate wares will be present (including many items created by DARC). DARC will be using a period-style currency system; an exchange booth will be available for event attendees to convert their modern money. Those interested in merchanting should contact Lady Ysabeau Herbier de Vauvert (Mya Barson), mya@goldenhedgehog.com. Merchants should bring their own tables, chairs, and any tentage/shelter they require.