SCA Rapier Gear Stolen in Meridies

THL Elijah Cameron of Black Isle reports the recent theft of his van, which contained his rapier gear, in Savannah, Georgia in the Kingdom of Meridies. THL Elijah Cameron of Black Isle and Signora Dianora Lizabetta di Vittori di Cellini write:

We are writing to ask for your help with yet-another theft of SCA gear.

This evening (Wednesday) our van was stolen from in front of Cam's work at the Office Depot in Savannah, Georgia. The van is a 94 white Astro van. Unfortunately, in the van was all of Cam's rapier gear.

Items stolen include:

* left-handed swept hilt rapier (Darkwood) with a 42"
* Del Tin practice rapier
* Darkwood dagger with a wide blade, 4 quillons, a scalloped shell guard, and a spiral carved wooden handle
* Cam's mask, painted black with a gold bend sinister
* Black leather gloves (2 pairs)
* Spanish collar-type gorget
* Black hood
* Black jack boots size 11 1/2 with leather gaiters with burgundy brocade lining
* A unique codpiece: a bronze greenman face mounted on burgundy leather with two buckles
* Left-handed black leather baldric with sword hanger
* Copy of the Fighter's Handbook
* Copy of Period Pavilion patterns
* A black leather pouch containing all of Cameron's membership and authorization cards, a deck of period playing cards, and his cute little wooden mouse bottle opener (which really ticks him off - no more mouse in his pocket). The cards are in the name of THL Elijah Cameron of Black Isle/Eric Whitaker
* Pewter tankard

Other items (in case it's part of a lot of sorts):

* leather biker jacket and a black leather vest with lots of pockets
* portable CD player and CDs (including the Conan soundtrack)
* silver Celtic knotwork wedding ring
* Ryobi flashlight and battery pack
* leather Civil War cap.

We would ask that you keep an eye out for anyone trying to sell these items. We will contact local pawn shops and will keep an eye on Ebay. Please feel free to post this on other lists if you think it could help.

Our contact information is:

Cam and Dee
Eric & Kathy Whitaker

Thank you for your help.

Cam and Dee
THL Elijah Cameron of Black Isle and
Signora Dianora Lizabetta di Vittori di Cellini
House di Cellini
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