[DRA] Passage of Arms

House Brandenberg invites you to a Passage of Arms – join us in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the times of Charny and Du Guesclin, with Men-at-Arms meeting at a certain time and location to test their skills. Thus, the event will begin in the morning and end at sunset and camp will be kept small to emulate a journey environment.

Show us how a noble warrior of your persona’s time and culture would present himself for such a challenge! If at all possible, half gauntlets/basket hilts shall be avoided during this day. Matched quillion-style swords and longswords as well as pollaxes will be provided for the participants. Shields should only be used if both opponents agree and should be of “tournament proportions”, i.e. around 60x75 cm maximum.

For those coming to participate in or watch the Pas de Armes during the day seating and some small fare will be provided. Please contact Lady Katherina at h.zickermann@gmx.de if want to join us for a campfire dinner or need assistance with accommodation.

Sponsoring group: Barony of Knights Crossing

Event Steward/Marshal in Charge:
Ritter Maximilian Graf von Brandenberg

Event Date/Time: Saturday, September 5th, 2009, 9am - evening

Event Location:
Zeltplatz Raibacher Tal
Raibacher Tal
64823 Groß-Umstadt

There’s no street address, but follow the road from Gross-Umstadt to Raibach until signs will guide you further.

Event fee: 5 EUR