Atlantia Fighter Publishes Fighter Training Texts

Lord Sylvanus Perrin of the Barony of Storvik in Atlantia has announced the online availability of training resources for fighters. Lord Perrin writes:
I am pleased to announce the release of two new additions to my website.

Wolfpack: a Battlefield Handbook Wolfpack is the long anticipated sequal to Dogsoldier: a Beginner's Guide to Melee. It provides guidance for those who can no longer consider themselves novice fighters but have yet to acquire the experience of the crusty old veterans. Those who are new to positions of command on the battlfield will also find much of value. It contains no theory, only that which I have personally witnessed in the field. Everything is immediately applicable to your next campaign.

Tending the Flame: a Teacher's Resource Tending the Flame contains much of what I have learned over the years about teaching novice fighters. It does not espouse one school of fighting, but rather outlines tools, techniqes and language that can be used prepare a new fighter for the battlefield or tourney list. Many of us know how to fight, but struggle when it comes to imparting that knowledge to others. Now there is help.

These and other fighting resources can be found on my website (click on the header).

Yours in Service,


Lord Sylvanus Perrin
(Brian J. Pfeifer)
Baronial Warlord
Barony of Storvik
Order of the Sea Stag