Pictures from Kingdom A&S Faire/St. Radegund's Faire

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares her photos from Northshield's Kingdom A&S Faire - St. Radegund's Faire. The pictures are posted on the Northshield Gallery.

Her Excellency writes:

So, some people were traveling home from Pennsic and others were enjoying the heat at Poorman's Pennsic, some of wandered out to the Shire of Rivenwood Tower forthe Kingdom A&S Faire - St. Radegund's Faire this weekend. The weather/construction/traffic heading out wasn't much fun but it gave me the chance to visit with Greta who is recovering from a hip replacement, travel with Gevehard and have some quality time for conversation, and attend a wonderful event. Classes ranged from engraving to papermaking to fishnet tying to dance and many attended those while others fought the heat to fight or shoot archery on a beautiful site far from the hustle/bustle of the world. And 12 chose to compete in one of the first Kingdom A&S competitions which is where I spent most of the afternoon. It was great to see the presentations that ranged from silk stockings to Spanish garb to woodworking to Middle Eastern garb to helmet padding to a wooden whistle. Each competitor presented their piece to those assembled and answered questions about the work and the choices made in the creation (recreation) of these pieces. It was a riveting afternoon.


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