Astrolabe for the iPhone

Feeling the need to navigate by the stars -- with the help of your cell phone? Then the Astrolabe for the iPhone™ is just the applet for you!

Astrolabe v1.0 is now available from the iTunes™ store.

Not really an astrolabe

As an astrolabe affectionado, I was very excited when I found this application. Alas, my excitement was short-lived, as this program had nothing to do with astrolabes (except a picture of the instrument on the flash screen). I am using past tense as apparently the author caught some grief for calling the program astrolabe when it did none of the functions of an astrolabe. It has been renamed AstronomyCalc and is good at what it does - unit conversions, date and time calculations, coordinate conversions, and solar calculations.

For a great website on real astrolabes, check out Jim Morrison's

The website for AstronomyCalc is

Pax vobiscum,