Dover Castle Great Tower gets "Versace-esque bling"

It took two years and cost UKĀ£2.45m, but English Heritage's project to recreate the opulence of Henry II's England has paid off. A team of experts has restored Dover Castle's Great Tower to its creation in 1179 after the visit of the French king to the shrine of Thomas Becket. (photos)

Historian and professor John Gillingham said the recreation of the Great Tower would show visitors how Henry was "eager to impress his audience amid the rise of a religious, some say anti-monarchical cult". Researchers have said fresh examination of Henry II's accounts suggests "a spending frenzy of Elton John proportions".

Medieval Interior Decorating

It is nice to see that they brought the interior to its former glory. Makes the tour more interesting when you have something to look at besides stone walls and floors. I am amazed at the bright colors used on the furniture in this time period, I would thought wood tones would have been the most prevalent, never to late to learn. Also it is great to see a medieval recreation of an interior to get a taste how styles changed in period as far as interior decorating. Fascinating.