"SCA Fairy Godmother" calls for bubbles at Pennsic

The "SCA Fairy Godmother" urges Pennsic attendees to blow bubbles on the battlefield as a way of having some light-hearted fun and remembering those who have passed away.

"SCA Fairy Godmother" writes:


I just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that a little bit of fun is afoot for this Pennsic. To know more about me, look me up on Facebook under Sca Godmother. To understand what magic I am trying to create for Pennsic you have but to read my little poem: Peer, and Pauper, Squire, and Queen, Come and blow bubbles with me on the Green. Pirate, rogue, and Knight so bold Remember what it was like before you got so old! Duchess, Dancer, and Lady Fair Come blow bubbles in the air. Remember friends of days gone by, Of friends no longer at our side, Think of friends left at home, I honor them with bubbles and a poem.

There are two magical times of day: At the dawn and at the falling of the sun's ray's. Join me blowing bubbles, in those beams, Believe in magic and The Dream. Battlefield, you, me, bubbles, friends at dusk, Priceless! I would just like to add, that yes, the autocrats are aware of what I am doing, and yes, I am a real person and can provide references from several peers who know my true identity. I thought this would make a lovely story for you to follow at this years Pennsic because if it unfolds the way I believe it will, this will be the year of bubbles and recapturing some of that magic sparkle that has been missing for awhile in the SCA. I have over 250 people on my Facebook page, and over half of them are going to Pennsic and bringing bubbles. They in turn are telling their friends.

Part of the reason for blowing the bubbles is to also honor all those of our SCA friends who have passed away. That in fact is what actually made me want to do something. I needed to do something to keep my mind off the fact that I have lost so many friends, several just this year. I have been blowing bubbles for years as a way to remind people that having fun is the whole point of the SCA. Bubbles are period and there is an article on my Facebook page documenting them. Feel free to reprint the article or any parts of it. So, bring your bubbles and join me!

Your SCA Fairy Godmother