[ATL] Post Pennsic: One More Night at the Casbah

The Barony of Storvik, jewel of Atlantia, invites you to join them for a day of Eastern Arts, fun, and frivolity at their Post Pennsic Dessert Revel, or, One More Night at the Casbah. Enter our tent, wash the dust of travel from your hands, refresh yourself, and enjoy our hospitality!

A light day board of mezza will be provided for all to enjoy by Baroness Samara Caitlyn, and a competition in the culinary arts will be held for the best period dessert. Please bring pillows, throws, rugs, wall hangings, and lanterns to enhance that Oasis feel (although, leave the camels outside. They tend to spit).

Cooks and Bakers are invited to tempt Their Excellencies of Storvik with an entry in the "Best Period Dessert" competition. The theme for this year is the best period dessert using a period source. There will be two categories in this area: Middle Eastern and European. But of course we cannot leave out one last category, desserts with that miraculous ingredient of CHOCOLATE.

Take advantage of a $2.00 lower troll fee for each tempting treat (which feeds 6-8 people) presented at Troll. Period dessert competition entries also qualify. Desserts will be served to the populace buffet style after entries are judged.

Bring your favorite table top game to share with friends old and new!

The traditional "Best Pennsic Story" bardic competition will be held as well as a "Best Pennsic War Treasure" contest.

Although there will be no martial activities, come and show off your war wounds for the "Best Pennsic Bruises" contest (combatant and non-combatant entries will be judged, but all bruises must be documentable). The event is two weeks after Pennsic, so any bruise that lasts that long will be a truly epic bruise!

A & S Activities
All practitioners of the arts of Near and Middle East are invited to show off their treasures and share their knowledge! An A&S display area will be provided for artisans to display their current projects. If you are interested in teaching a small class that compliments our event theme, please contact Sayyida Baska: amy.baska@gmail.com

A call to all musicians and dancers; would you like a space to perform? Is it time to "raqs" out? Please contact Sayyida Baska.

Adult $10.00
Youth 12-17: $8.00
Child 6-11 $6.00
Child 0-5 Free
Adult non-members please add $3.00 non-member fee to total.

Bring a desert dish to feed 6-8 and receive $2.00 off your fee for each dessert presented at troll.

Please make checks payable to: Barony of Storvik, SCA Inc

Site: Opens at 4PM and closes at 10PM. Hall decoration will begin at 3 PM.
St. Andrews Episcopal Church
4512 College Ave
College Park, MD, 20740

Site Restrictions: The site is wet, but for wine only. No other alcoholic beverages are permitted. No pets on site.

Autocrat: Dame Brenna of Storvik Brennasca@erols.com)

Reservations: Lady Tirzah MacCrudden Chatelaine@storvik.atlantia.sca.org)

Take your best route to the Washington Beltway (I-495). Take exit 25 (Rt. 1) South, and follow Rt. 1 South. After about 2 miles, take a left onto College Ave (The MD book exchange is on left). The church is two blocks down on the left. Metro Directions: Take the metro (green line) to the College Park Metro Station. When leaving the station, take a right on Columbia Avenue. Columbia dead-ends on College Avenue. Turn left on College and walk about 3 blocks, the church will be on your right.