Kensington Runestone on Loan to Sweden

Echo Press: The famous Kensington Runestone will be on display at the Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm, Sweden until the end of January, 2004. Scientists and historians in Sweden are excited to get their first look at the famous - or infamous - Kensington Runestone, which has been loaned to the National Museum of Antiquities until the end of January, 2004.

The stone, purported to be an artifact left by a group of Norwegian explorers to North America in the 14th century, has long been thought to be a fake, but this has not deterred those wishing to study the stone.

Connections will not be broken once the stone returns home, however. The National Museum of Antiquities has formed a partnership with the Runestone Museum in Alexandria, Minnesota, and further partnerships with other Scandinavian museums are planned.