Duchess Arielle The Golden Passes Away

On The morning of Friday July 17th, Duchess Arielle The Golden (Courtney Hester) passed away in a Texas cancer center, after a nine year battle against breast cancer. She was a Duchess of Atlantia. Her husband, Duke Valharic, was at her side.

Their Majesties Logan Ebonwoulfe and Esa Kirkepatrike wrote:

It is with very sad hearts that we write to you today. Atlantia has lost one of its most loved members. Duchess Arielle the Golden passed away this morning after a nine year battle with cancer. She was undergoing treatment in Houston, Texas at MD Anderson hospital.

At this time, arrangements are still being made and information will be provided as We know more. We ask that you please give Duke Valharic space during this difficult time. Please continue to send cards or other correspondence to Mistress Alesia, Kingdom Seneschal.

Since Their Majesties' missive was sent, updated information about memorial arrangements has been received from various sources. An open letter from Countess Aryanna (with cross-posting requested) follows:

Dear Atlantia,

I am writing this missive on behalf of Duke Valharic. He wanted me to relay to everyone his sincerest gratitude for all of the messages of love and support that have been sent his way. He also wanted to share with everyone his wishes for the arrangements being made for Duchess Arielle. It is the family's intent to have a memorial service in mid August (meaning, after Pennsic). He recognizes how dearly loved his wife is and wanted as many people who would want to and could be a part of her celebration of life to have that opportunity. There will be more specific details forthcoming.

It is also His Grace's intent to be at Pennsic. He said that he wants to be with his friends and family and to be at a place where he is surrounded by the people who understand. He knows that there, he can be with the people he needs, talk to the people he wants and be alone when he needs to be.

He is on his way back to Charlotte where he will spend a few days and then he will go to Ohio to see his mother. From there he will meet us at Pennsic.



From Mistress Alesia, another open letter:
We would ask that fundraising efforts continue as the total costs of the expenses incurred during her time of treatment at MD Anderson are still unknown. Any monies raised in these efforts and not needed by His Grace Valhalric, will be donated in Arielle's name to the Susan G Komen Foundation. Make checks out to Thomas Noble, mail via
Tara McDonough
9706 Early Spring Way
Columbia, MD 21046

Please continue to send cards or other correspondence to Mistress Alesia, Kingdom Seneschal at:

Bonnie Harvey
10428 Aberdale Way
Charlotte, NC 28273

SCAtoday.net offers our deepest condolences to Duke Valharic, whom several of us know from his time as Midrealm King, and to the good people of Atlantia.

Thanks to Baroness Gwynwilf, who contributed information for this article.