[ANS] Steppes Artisan and Elfsea Baronial College

Are you looking to enter into an Arts and Sciences Display? Are you wanting to learn more about the SCA or take a class or two? Then we have the perfect event for you. On August 15th 2009, please join us for the Steppes Artisan and Elfsea Baronial College.

It is held on the UT Arlington Campus

E.H. Hereford University Center
300 West First Street
Arlington, TX 76010

Gate will open at 9am, and last until 7pmish.

For the Steppes Artisan Competition it will be a "Body of Work" pre-registration is requested and greatly appreciated.

There will also be a novice competition the rules are must be in the SCA 5 years or less, only one entry, cannot have won any Artisan Competition in the SCA, and documention is not required but welcomed.

Please note there will also be a Laurel's Circle, time to be determined by TRM.

For Elfsea Baronial College, there will be different classes, ranging from Newcomers to the SCA to how to Steward an event.

Please contact myself for any questions regarding Artisan and Lady Giliana for Baronial College

For questions please contact us via below information

Steppes Artisan Steward:
Elec inghean Shein