Making a Viking Whip-cord

Genevieve d'Aquitaine, of the Kingdom of Atlantia, has created a webpage dettailing how to make a Viking whip-cord, a braiding technique used to make strong cording for ties, lacings, etc.

From the webpage:

Braiding has been commonly used to make strong cording for ties, lacings, etc. While lucets and fingerloop braiding have been much discussed in the SCA, whip-cording or interlocking hasn't been fully investigated. Multiple methods have been devised to control the ends of the loose threads to be braided. Fingerloop braiding uses the thread in loops over the fingertips to manipulate the formation of a cord. Some can leave the threads loose, but they risk tangling and the going can be slow. The vikings devised a way to use heavy bobbins to control the ends of the thread. The beginning of the cord is attached overhead firmly, and the bobbins are manipulated to form the cord, while the weight of the bobbins controls the threads and keeps tension. Some may have heard us flippantly call this "Spoon tossing" as in earlier experiments we used pewter seal top spoons because they were handy.