[MID] Harvest Days and Tournament of Chivalry

Harvest Days and Tournament of Chivalry to take place at Their Majesties' pleasure September 4-6 AS XLIV

We are pleased to announce that we have found a site that will allow the return of amenities from Harvest Days past. We look forward to providing you with:

  • cabins!
  • plenty of room for all manner of outdoor activities, and a large flat field to play on
  • a lovely feast hall
  • a beautiful lake (fishing allowed)
  • pets allowed so long as they are on leash
  • a wet site (please be responsible with your enjoyment and your empties)

We hope you will join us.

Where: Indian Hills 4-H Camp & Conference Center
8212 West Lauver Road
Pleasant Hill, Ohio 45359

Site opens Friday, September 4th at 6 p.m., and closes Sunday, September 6th at noon.