[MID] Norse Life and Culture Seminar

Announcing, a Norse Life and Culture Seminar April 10, 2010 Canton of Three Hills (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Site is the Kalamazoo Latvian Association Hall, 100 Cherry Street, Kalamazoo, MI
Seminars at West Michigan Glass Society, pre-reg only, in the afternoon

Premise: This is a day of classes, a combination of lecture and hands-on for a number of crafts for Viking/Norse personas. A special “field trip’ in the afternoon will be by pre-registration only, to West Michigan Glass Society’s glass bead shop for four hours of hands-on with minor bench burners. Onlookers are welcome. Students at the Glass Shop would be back at the Latvian Hall for supper.

Glass Society classes would be: (1) a beginning beadmaking class; (2) an intermediate one on simple decorations, and (3) an advanced workshop on either making your own glass cane to use, or applying cane to beads, or some similar advanced technique. Instructors are (tentative, but likely): Irene the Questing, Master Sigulf, and Master Thaddeus. There are TWELVE workstations at the glass shop!

Classes at the Latvian Hall would include: pewter casting (confirmed), one on food (confirmed), Viking wire weaving (confirmed). There’s room for quite a few more classes than this. Maybe on shoes, garb, garb embellishment, accessories (Viking swag necklaces?), a bead exchange (Zaynab's cool idea), etc. Since this is a wet site, we can have classes on brewing and vintning.

Mistress Siobhan will organize the event; she may also organize the tracks of classes. More as this develops.

Tentative schedule:
Site opens at 9am
Classes begin at 10am; go until 5pm, possibly 6pm
Lunch tavern to run 11am-1pm
Dinner around 5pm
Site closes at 8pm; possibly earlier, depending on when dinner starts and how many people are hanging around.

We have used the Latvian Hall for two Cooks' Symposiums, this is a nice site. There are TWO complete kitchens!

Latvian Hall: I would rent the basement, both kitchens, and try to get the conference/ board room across the hall from the Sunday School Room. I would anticipate one kitchen dedicated to lunch tavern and potluck, the other can be used for classes that need that kind of facility, but food for lunch or dinner could be stored there.

Classes can be scheduled in the (1) upstairs kitchen, (2) the alcove outside the kitchen upstairs, (3)the big room downstairs can be divided into one classroom and one populace room; and (4) the conference room across from the Sunday School Room; this would allow up to four classes to go at one time. If we cannot fill the schedule that full, I would drop the conference room.

It -might- be possible to do some kind of fighting seminar in the parking lot or on the grounds, since the weather may be nice in April....or it could be snowy... I would like to have some kind of Norse oriented class for fighters, maybe on outfitting/fighting kits/ campsites, tactics, etc. Fighters, suggest ideas to me :-)

NO merchants for this event, so we have a place for populace to hang out, each lunch, etc.

FEES and Expected Attendance: There’s a lot of interest in Viking/norse personas; my guess is we might see 100 people. I would like to set the site fee at $5-7, and the Glass Society classes would have to be attendance by pre-registration only, limit twelve active participants at a time. Fees here would be about $10-20 per person, on top of the site fee. This is tentative; we have to find out what other costs may be associated with buying glass, but this price range is probably good for figuring. More definite information will be forthcoming.

Teachers would get in free.

Ideally, I would like the site fee to pay for the site and maybe a hair more.

Lunch tavern would be profit, or to help pay for the site, if attendance is lower than I expect.

Glass Society pre-reg should take care of itself.

For the potluck, I would ask the canton to provide one or two main-type courses, and perhaps simple beverages. We can request people bring their own table service, to save the $$ on paper goods. We could provide garbage bags to tote home dirty dishes, OR, at the discretion of the potluck coordinator, open the kitchens for people to wash their dishes. Food can be simple: I’m fine with a meat stew and a vegetarian version, and maybe some bread. If we get a bread class, we may not need to provide bread. Once again, more details as the time gets closer.

This could be a really fun and educational event. Once again, my thanks to Three Hills for giving the go-ahead on this!

Banbharun Siobhan