East Kingdom Names Poetry Champions

Lady Ana Raquel de Guzman, the King's Poet of the Eastrealm, has anounnced the winners of the Crown Tourney Poetry Contest. In a message to the East Kingdom list, Lady Ana writes:

This is posted a tad late, as I could not go to Crown Tournament due to a cold I am still trying to shake, but I am pleased to announce the two winners of the Crown Tournament Poetry contest. The gentles they declaimed did not win or make the finals, but these two poets did their patrons proud:

Master Christian Lansinger von Jaueregk of Carolingia voiced the fame of Lord Alaric of Drakenklaue


Lady Siobhan ni Dhonnabhain of Iron Bog sang the praises of Sir Gabriel of Maccuswell

There were 5 entrants in all, some with more than one poem. I hope there will be more such efforts of creativity in tournaments to come!

Vivant to the two poets/composers and to those who also took part!

Lady Ana Raquel de Guzman
Koenig's Dichterin

Thank You