A&S Prize Tourney to be Held at Lochac's Rowany Festival

Acacia de Navarre, Laurel Principal of the Kingdom of Lochac, has announced that a Laurel Prize Tourney has been planned for the upcoming Rowany Festival. Acacia de Navarre writes:
Greetings Good Gentles

Just a little reminder about the Competition to be held at festival - please pass this on to other lists (thanks).

On behalf of the Laurel Council of Lochac and thanks to the Largess of House Stonehenge and Master Drake Morgan, I have the pleasure to announce that at the next Rowany Festival a great competition will be held during the Laurel Prize Tourney on Saturday afternoon.

House Stonehenge have donated the handsome sum of $1,000 in prize money for the advancement of Arts and Science in Lochac. This prize will be broken up into 5 categories with a prize to the value of $200 each. The categories are:

  1. Millinery
  2. Shoemaking
  3. Metalwork - personal accoutrement or small household item
  4. Armour Foundation - gambeson, ackerton, etc...
  5. Dramatic Performance, pre 1500, max 15 mins long - The performance can be drawn from any performance style that is documentable prior to 1500 AD. eg. liturgical drama, mystery plays, morality plays, miracle plays, early commedia dell'arte etc. It may be taken from existing material, or written recently in the style of pre 16th century drama. It may be an excerpt or a complete piece. Both group or solo performance allowed.

In addition, thanks to the patronage of Master Drake Morgan a sixth competition will be held with a prize to the value of $100

6. Preserve or Confectionery

Rules of the competition

  1. No Laurel can enter
  2. Documentation must be provided with entry. Documentation must be suitable for publication in Cockatrice and the entrant willing to allow publication.
  3. Entry can not have been previously entered in a Kingdom, Principality or Baronial Competition
  4. Notification for entry to the Dramatic Performance must be given prior to festival in case the number of entries into this category causes the performances to be scheduled at other times. Please contact the Laurel Principal on cdaquino@ozemail.com.au if you intend to enter.

I thank you for your attention and look forward to seeing the talents of the artisans of Lochac displayed on that day

Acacia de Navarre
Laurel Principal