Feature: The Coronation of Chrystofer and Margarette

Mistress Jenna of SouthWind writes in splendid detail of the Coronation of the new King and Queen of Calontir on October 12. (Republished by blanket permission from the author.) The Coronation of Chrystofer and Margarette October 12, 2002 Canton of Cumiolar, Barony of Forgotten Sea Center of Grace, Olathe, KS

The day began with a much-needed rain, soft, an English rain. A very good omen for a dry land to begin a new reign with. TRM Martino and Ariel opened Their last court and handled several pieces of business. One interesting matter was Svana Lutasdotter entering the hall to announce that an armed company did approach, but would say not their names or business. Secure in Their court, TRM thanked the lady and let her depart. Her Majesty bestowed the three Queen's Endorsements of Distinction upon those three gentles whom She felt best embodied these virtues:

  • HL Lynette Dave-Jean from Ivory Keep for Chivalry
  • Ly. Onora NicLeod from Oakheart for Courtesy
  • and HL Cassandra Peverell from Coeur d'Ennui for the Ideals of the Society
It was significant and indicative of Queen Ariel's own nature, that the recipient for Courteous Graces had to be brought from working in the kitchen, and the recipient for Chivalry is not a fighter. His Majesty Martino bestowed the King's Favor twice, upon Count Fernando (of WWFD fame) and Baron Mikail from Mag Mor for their service to Crown and Kingdom.

TRM then called up the Order of the Iren-Fyrd, and the Fyrd Captain Halvgrimr spoke thus (as he remembered it for this reporter):

Martino said something to the effect of "Bold Fyrd Captain Halvgrimr, what business do you have with us today?" I said "YRM's we, the Order of the Iren Fyrd, beg a boon of you" Ariel said, "is this the matter we have spoken of previously?" I said, "Yes YRM's it is" They said, "then address the populace" I said:

"YRM's there is one amongst your populace that for years has given her unconditional love and service for Your Army" "And for that love and service we ask that You Augment the Arms of Baroness Finola O'Clary!"

This reporter (I am in sooth Finola's daughter) had mercifully been made aware of this matter just before court. Once Finola's first name was spoken nothing else could be heard for the great cries of the populace as they stood and cheered. I removed Finola's embroidery from her lap, took the needle from her frozen but shaking fingers, and tried to temper the many willing hands who would raise her from her seat. Finola most FIRMLY refused to take her quad cane, relying on her champion Mikhail and the rest of her Fyrdmen to help her -- indeed, there was a bit of jockeying as more than one Fyrdman sought the honor of escorting Finola before the Crown, going at that one pace of "mosey" that her pacemaker permits. TRM did her the courtesy and honor of meeting her at the edge of the dais, and when she advised Them that she could not physically kneel They were most gracious and insistent that she not try.

HRM Ariel told Finola that she is The Mother of All Fyrdmen, and Finola's reaction made it clear that she is more than proud and honored to be so. (Immediately after court one of the Fyrd hit her up for his allowance.) Ariel then let Finola know that although the Iren-Fyrd had wanted Finola to bear their own badge as her augmentation, that could not be done lest the Heraldic Police come on their golf carts and take it away. Thus, Finola was charged to consult with the heralds and create her own augmentation, "something with black and spears" Ariel suggested. No Fyrd-pile was performed (although an anonymous voice suggested a "volunteer" to substitute for Finola.) To more ovations and cheers from the populace the Fyrd escorted Finola back to her seat.

This TRM had saved for Their last piece of business. They then released Their champions, and called for the Chivalry, Knights and Masters, to come guard the thrones. At last Queen Ariel gave Her thanks to all, then gave back the Crown to the one who had given it her those long months before. The populace rose and showed their respect as the woman who was their Queen no longer departed the hall.

His Majesty Martino had business yet, and the populace sat to witness as He gave those most precious items of the Regalia into safe hands, and released the Gold Falcon for there would be no King for that herald to serve as His voice. At last He, too, removed the Crown to lay it on the throne, and departed court as the populace rose and bowed their respect. The Empty Thrones held the Crowns, and the Chivalry stood with drawn swords for the rightful heir to come.

Master Juan and Master Andrixos gave out the Lineage in antiphony, from the days when "The Dragon knew us not", to the names of Martino and Ariel. In the silence that ended the Lineage, there was a crash, and a woman's shriek, and into the hall strode armed Huscarls, Huscarls of the Iren in chainmail with strong axes in their hands, Huscarls of the Saethyr with mighty bows strung and arrows nocked. In their midst stood a princely man in the finest mail of all, and a helm whose nasal obscured some of his face but none of his grim determination. Who came there? demanded Earl Gilligan, for if their coming was not just, they would die. It was told, that the princely man was hight Chrystofer, true Prince and heir. And who could prove this? demanded the Earl. The Prince drew his shining sword and held it high, and it was recognized by Thjo Earl Marshall as the sword of Chrystofer Kensor. The Prince held out his strong hand with it's signet, and it was recognized by Rigela Kingdom Seneschal. Then the man himself was recognized as his opponent in the final Crown List, by Earl JoeAngus. But why did he come in garb so warlike? asked Gilligan. To prove his readiness for war, and for peace that can be even harder than war, answered the Prince. Content, the Chivalry sheathed their swords, and let the Prince be given the customary warnings that are given to a man who would be King. Thus tested, and tried, and warned, the Prince swore his oaths, and crowned Himself as King of Calontir.

When the cries of jubilation at last died down so that one voice could be heard, His Majesty thanked the Chivalry, and the Huscarls, and bade that His Princess come forth. As beautiful and as terrible as an army with banners came the Ladies of the Rose, whose steel is in their spirits rather than their hands. To the sweet sounds of a lady singing they came, escorting she whom the King had called, Margarette. She, too, was given the customary warnings before being permitted to approach and swear her oaths. Then did King Chrystofer crown His chosen Queen, and great was the joy of the populace.

TRM received from the safe guardians the Regalia of Calontir, the King's Sword, the Queen's Scepter, the Cloaks of Estate and all goodly things. They received fealties from Peers and Nobles, and took unto Themselves goodly retainers, and swore Their fealty oaths in the language of Their Anglo-Saxon forebears. The populace was invited to think upon the nature of Fealty, which they might swear that evening if they so chose. And so ended that first court. And when the populace went out of the great hall, it could be seen that the gentle rain had stopped, and the air cleared to a most refreshing coolness.

The afternoon was given over to merchants, and A&S displays, and meetings in rooms not labeled plainly "A B and C" but properly as "White Wolf" or "Scorpion". The last phase of the Fyrd Captain tournament was held, which Fyrd Mom Finola made especial point to attend, and various Fyrdmen spoke with her or her daughter. The former Queen was kept all afternoon in her Rose Ceremony as people brought her roses and personal greetings and even song.

Evening court came apace. His Majesty now wore more peace-like garb, and in fashion most humble yet surpassingly noble it was seen that the surcoats of the Royal Guard and the fine Coronation garb of the monarchs were of the same purple hue if not the cut from the same cloth. Business was handled, a few minor changes to kingdom law, edicts given out, an ambassador from our brothers of Ansteorra greeted warmly, Sir Lars and Mistress Diabcha were created ambassadors to the Middle as their hearts are still in Calontir even after months living beyond our borders. Gifts were brought, and announcements made -- when TE Mag Mor came into court on business accompanied by a babe in arms, His Majesty narrowed his eyes thoughtfully and inquired if this was a donation to the kingdom, or a private gift? (Only one person, formerly Kensor's lady, thought his voice was the least bit nervous at that moment...) Svana Lutasdotter came up with announcements about the WONDERFUL site and situation for the annual KristKinder market. "I think it should be Kris Kensor this year," suggested His Majesty, and the suggestion stuck.

TRM at last invited the populace who wished to do so, to come forward and swear their fealty unto the Crown of Calontir. Chrystofer and Margarette replied in Anglo-Saxon, then oaths sworn, asked not Chivalry nor Huscarls nor Peers nor Nobles to escort them from court, but the populace there assembled, who had just sworn their fealties. Thus Their Majesties Calontir went forth, and none can say who began but all quickly took up the strains of "Non Nobis" as They processed from the hall.

This reporter did not stay for feast, but took the Fyrd Mom to her second-favorite restraunt, then took her home to the SouthWind Hall pack who greeted Finola with the dog-pile appropriate to even an honorary new Fyrdman.

Jenna of SouthWind
bard, historian, inter-kingdom anthropologist

This report may be reproduced and circulated by any means print or electronic, by any parties chivalrous enough to give full authorship credit. This report may be edited for length but not content. It is requested that the description of Finola O'Clary being made Fyrd Mom be left intact.