[DRA] Brot,Wurst and Horseredish I

The Shires Aventiure and Bärennau invite you to Brot,Wurst and Horseradish I.

Attend this Weekend with Games and War and fight with your own fabulist skills ! Fight for one side : Horseredish tasty or not ! Come all from near and far and make your choice !

BWH is a Camping Event.
Site : Bauspielplatz Roter Hahn
Bau und Geschichtsspielplatz Roter Hahn, Pommernring 58, 23569Lübeck-Kücknitz.

Site opens Friday 18:00 and closes Sunday 14:00.

If you arrive earlyer please be discreet and contact the Eventcrew. (people who show up earlier be aware before 18:00 there are public activities on site)

Restrictions: no parking on site, fire off the ground.The site is a little medival village ,so there are animals like goats,sheep ,horses and chicken .Mundane tents are allowed but will be hidden behind medieval tents and medieval houses.

Reservation: Last day for reservation is the 15 August ( the site is limited to about 100 people) If you need crash space contact the steward. Send your reservation to: bwhwar@yahoo.de

By Car:Autobahn A1 to Lübeck ,change into A226 to direction Travemünde,take exist Kücknitz,from there follow the SCA signs.
By train: train station Lübeck Kücknitz
By Airplane: Ryan air Airport Hamburg-Lübeck,you need 30 Min to the site

For those who need a pick up please contact the steward latest until 1 August 2009

Cost: make your choice :
All inclusive : 25 Euros per person ( includes Sitefee and all meals) Family-Cap : 30 Euros (including two adults and two children with food)
10 Euros Sitefee per Person , Children are free
Family Cap : 10 Euros (including 2 Adults and children without food)
Barbeque-Fee: 8,50 Euros per Adult, Children 1-5 free , 5-18 half Price
Friday Evening Soup: 1,50 Euros per Adult , Children 1-5 free , 5-18 half Price
Breakfeast Sa/SO: 3,00 Euros per Adult , Children 1-5 free , 5-18 half Price
Lunch Sa: 2,00 Euros per Adult , Children 1-5 free , 5-18 half Price

Event Stewards:
Meisterinne Eleanora von Ratzeburg
Co Steward: Lady Sileas von Biuria
MIC : Lady Griseldis Partheymüller
Fencing: Lord Vrank von Attendorn
Game Steward: Lord Volker Eisvogel zu Norttorf