[MER] Universitatis Meridies

Universitatis Meridies July 17-19, 2009 Georgia Southwestern State University - 800 Georgia Southwestern State University Drive Americus, Georgia 31709

Event Steward:
Viscountess Gwynna Emrys

Head Cook:
Shelah ní Bhráonain (
rhinopride2@yahoo.com (706) 289-4899

Viscount Syr Raim y Hynnddyl

5:00 pm - Troll Opens
6:30 pm - Travelers Fare served (until gone)

TEACHERS - If you want to teach a class, please contact the Royal University Regent, Master Simon the Wanderer, at regent@meridies.org. Your time is much appreciated!!

Merchants - please contact Viscountess Gwynna with your space needs.