[DRA] Störtebeker's Sons - The Revenge

The Shire of Two Seas invites the noble Ladies and Gentlemen of Drachenwald to a weekend with pirates and merchants, fighting and feasting and a lot of fun to take part in!

Last year, the reckless pirates took the prize, but this year the angered merchants prepare to strike back. The red-bearded pirate Stoertebeker (Middle Low German for "Down the beer-jug"), who was well-known in the late 14th and early 15th century, is calling his friends to the ships to capture the fat merchant cogs of the Hansa. Event activities will include the famous tavern brawl (almost a tradition!) between Claas and his enemies, another round of the" Frankmark 200", lots of games with a historical touch for old and young, a plentiful feast and much more!

17h to 19th of July 2009 Site opens Friday, 18:00 and on Sunday, 12:00 all houses need to be clean and empty.

A former farm house in a small village between Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven in Northwest Niedersachsen. "Enzo-Hof", Hauptstraße 3, 27607 Langen-Krempel

Our site offers campground and indoor bedrooms, so book early, if you want to sleep indoors! Please bring your own bedding, sheets and towels if you are sleeping in one of the rooms. If you need extra bedding because you are coming from far away, please let the Event Steward know.

Site is moderately wet.

No parking on Site, fires must be off the ground. As some of the games might involve water, please do not bring your best court garb only.

By plane: Make your best way to Hamburg, Berlin or Bremen and take a train to"Bremerhaven" or "Cuxhaven". We will organise pick-up from the station. By car: Make your best way to Bremen. Follow A 27 past Bremerhaven. About 20 km after Bremerhaven, take the Exit 4 to Neuenwalde and turn left on Dorumer Straße. After 2 km, turn left to Krempeler Straße. After 3 km you will reach the site.

35 Euro per person. Children under 5 years (without an extra bed) are free, children between 6 and 14 pay 20 Euro for the weekend with all meals and feast. Daytrippers pay 25 Euro for the Saturday.

Please note: Only paid reservations will be considered valid. To make the payment process easier we offer bank transfer. Further details are includet in your reservation validation mail. Please make your reservation before July 3rd if you want to sleep in a bed.

Event steward:
Katherina Mornewegh mka Hanna Zickermann

Reservation Steward:
Frierun zu Hamburg mka Swaantje Sauerbrey

Marshal in Charge:
Ld. William Gifford

Head Cooks:
Ld. Giano Balestriere and Menno Surbeyer zu Hamburg