Master Richard the Strange Killed in Auto Accident in Atenveldt

Atenveldt Master of the Laurel, Richard the Strange, mka Rick Felix, early musician and self described "cowboy tuba-man" was killed in an automobile accident near Cordes Junction, Arizona on Saturday, November 8, 2003.

Master Richard, who received his Laurel in April 1976, was an early member of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, receiving his AoA in June 1971. You can see him here as he looked in the early days, playing a fanfare on tuba by clicking on the story header.

Few indeed are those who can forget the memorable music he made, especially when he played the tuba in duets with Sir Eideard Slaighter Feusagach on the bagpipes. I know that he and Sir Eideard, who also died in an automobile accident, are making beautiful and strange music once again.

He will be missed.