Midrealm Evergreens Invited to Display Work

Members of the Middle Kingdom A&S Order of the Evergreen have been invited to display their work at the Barony of Roaring Wastes 12th Night celebration, January 3, 2004. THL Johnnae llyn Lewis writes:

Greetings to All Companions of the Evergreen.

Please know that all Companions of the Evergreen are invited to participate in a special Arts and Sciences display at the

Twelfth Night on January 3rd, 2004, to be held in the Barony of Roaring Wastes. The place is Davisburg, Michigan.

The display will be in the format of a Body of Works exhibit.

The small print-- A Body-of-Works display is an exhibit or display format that the other Kingdoms (especially it seems Ansteorra) hold with some regularity. These displays are specifically designed for artisans to exhibit the breadth and depth of their arts, crafts and technical creations in a non-competitive environment. Entrants may get feedback from anyone attending the event. Displays can include completed and in-progress works (and even feature works created long ago that show how far one has progressed in the art) along with notes on research, documentation, et cetera. It's a "bring what it is that you do" exhibit.

Rewards-- Getting your work seen as a whole in one place in a non-A&S Contest environment. No judging in a formal manner -- no score sheets, no written critiques, no criteria rules. Small tokens or comments only are the rule, but the environment should offer the opportunity for feedback and contacts. It promises to be an exciting and unusual A&S opportunity.

Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote has promised more information on the official web site. Please feel free to contact her with questions at MelioraLeuedai@aol.com. Those with questions or needing more information or help regarding Body of Work Displays or ideas are also welcome to contact me at the address below.


THL Johnnae llyn Lewis